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For over 50 years, Keaton's Barbecue, Inc. has marketed this savory sauce globally. Thank you for placing an order with Keaton's Barbecue, Inc. We are certain that you will be pleased with our product. 

Thanks for your interest in ordering from Keaton's Barbecue,  Inc. Please be patient with us as we are revamping our ordering system to better serve you. Temporarily, all sauce orders must be called in to

(704) 278-3048
(704) 278-1619 
After 2:00 PM 4 Days Weekly
Tuesday through Saturday

For your convenience, a sauce price list is listed below. Again, thank you for ordering from Keaton's Barbecue, Inc.

Quantity Price Tax Shipping Total
1 10 oz. bottle $5.56 $.38 ~ $2.64* ~ $8.48
1/2 case $65.80 $4.60 ~$18.68* ~$89.08
1 case $130.32 $8.94 ~$25.33* ~$164.59
*Shipping cost and totals vary by state and region and are approximate.

Please have the following
information available for faster service:

Credit Card Number
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