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March 21, 2011

Hurry in to our restaurant today for an outstanding dining experience.  You may also place your order on line for fast, inexpensive delivery of Keaton's Original Barbecue Sauce for your American kitchen. Keaton's Original World Famous Barbecue sauce is designed to wake up the flavor in all meats and is designed to meet your culinary needs. Keaton's is a product you'll cherish for a life time. 

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  • We are delighted that you have taken an interest in Keaton's Barbecue, Inc. Since 1953, the "Original" Keaton's Barbecue sauce has delectably satisfied millions of palliates and provide a distinctive taste. At Keaton's Barbecue, Inc. we take great pride in our restaurant, savory menu items, dedicated customers, local supporters and web visitors.  In particular, we wish to thank The Splendid Table and Roadfood for outstanding reviews. Please share in our pride by reading their reviews listed in the links below. Thank You!!!!!!!

Keaton's ranked #12 in Tar Heel Top 25 Restaurants.
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